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    Angry Unanswered: oracle release 3 for windows 2000 server

    can anyone learn me in how to get oracle started...
    i have installed oracle enterprise edition
    and i have like 15 other disk....

    help...i am lost and i don t know where to go...


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    Re: oracle release 3 for windows 2000 server

    So we can deduce that you are tring to install oracle 8i.
    But we don't know which is you machine and platform ....
    Some question to answer are:
    Have you created the default database?
    Have you configured the network (listener & client) ?

    Meantime: one of the oracle disk contains all online documentation, look at the installation procedures manual for you platform and release.
    Follow that instructions and after these steps come here again.

    Don't worry, be happy.
    I was feeling the same when I started to install oracle 6.0.16 .....
    You just entered a new universe, an so: avoid to try to explore all of it the first day: a 1000 mile path start with a sigle little step (and you have a lot to walk down this street ...)

    Good luck.
    Franco Ceotto
    SIPTI srl
    OnSite Services
    9i OCP DBA, Performance Engineer

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