I have a basic form in Access 2002. It is bound to a stored procedure that selects all fields of one row from a base table, and has a required input parameter for the primary key of the table.

As I've seen other forms in Access behave, assigning the input parameter 0 will bring back a recordset with no data in it, since there is no primary key of 0 in the table. This puts you in INSERT mode.

This is all fine and dandy. It behaves fine, it will save the new record when a user clicks on the 'save' button on the form.

But, if this base table has a 'timestamp' field, all of a sudden I get this error:
'Cannot insert non-null values in timestamp column. Try to use an Insert statement, or assign the Column a default of NULL.'
It seems that i MUST have the timestamp column in the select list. Otherwise, the returned recordset is always read-only (I don't understand why!!!) I have already tried assigning the timestamp column on the database a default of NULL, but the problem persists.

I CAN just make an INSERT sql statement through code and save it with my own code behind the scenes (I've tried this, it works), but I still need to know how to do this by simply using the bound form's native behavior (due to company standards).

Thank you,

p.s.-Let me know if u need any clarification of my question!