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    Unanswered: sybase zombi process!!!


    I have a big problem on sybase ASE 11.5.1 running on HP-UX 11 :

    Frequently an engine process goes down without any error neither in Sybase errorlog or Hp logs..
    I have every time it's occured to reboot my dataserver.

    when it's occured, I have lot of sybase prosesses (sysprocesses) marked a "MAINTENANCE TOKEN"...

    Someone has already met a similar problem???

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    Your Sybase seriously is seriously out-of-date, 3+ years !!!

    1 At the major release level you should be
    2 At the minor release level you should be at 11.5.2.x, this is the absolute minimum.
    3 I hate to ask what EBF level you have.

    Yes, I have had similar problems but never on a production server (because we fully test EBF releases before placing in production) and never on a "stable" release. In my experience, 11.5.1 was not very good and was soon replaced with 11.5.2, then 11.9.2.

    If you cannot upgrade, at least check the buglist for each EBF release.

    Derek Asirvadem
    Senior Sybase DBA/Information Architect derekATsoftwaregemsDOTcomDOTau
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    Hiya Bob,

    First thing, I'd do is check if ASE 11.5.1 is actually certified to run on HP-UX 11?

    If yes, if critcal OS patches and Sybase patches are applied?

    The presence of "Maintenance Token" does not indicate a problem.
    This means that the process is initializing or in a transient state. A process completing initialization or running recovery may display the command string "Maintenance Token".

    If it was a zombie process, then you won't see that process in the sp_who o/p and it would have blocked all other connections to that database.


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