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    Unanswered: logsegment shows negative space

    I know that I've seen the answer to this problem somewhere -- but, I have logsegments that show negative space available:

    DBName SegName Allocated Available PctUsed
    --------------- -------------------- ---------- ---------- ---------
    reports default 289000.0 13153.5 95.4
    reports logsegment 3010.0 3857.7 -28.1
    reports system 289000.0 13153.5 95.4

    how can I fix this?


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    --Need to recycle server to take effect

    --Negative value for log free space
    --The following is undocumented from sybase

    -- Connect to your server as sa and run the following to fix it.

    dbcc gam(dbname, 0, 0, "fix")
    dbcc usedextents(dbname, 0, 1, 1)

    It works for me. Hope it help.

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    The discrepancies are due to timing lags within the server (it is like the system tables need to have "update statistics" run on them). Unless there is a problem resulting from these differences, and I would advise you do nothing about it.

    It appears that the real problem is you have large and uncontrolled transactions, which is something one tries to avoid. Tweaking the server or increasing logspace will not fix the problem (you will only put it off until another day). Anything you do to cut down your tran size and control your trans will address the cause, not the symptom.

    Do not run undocumented dbcc's unless advised to do so by Sybase Technical support.
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