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Thread: Sybase and SAN

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    Unanswered: Sybase and SAN

    has anyone implemented Sybase on a SAN? if so, how did it go? what steps did you take to migrate? important question: is placement of INDEX and DATA as important on SAN? I've heard with the randomness of placement of the data that separating index and data is not important on a SAN -- true? or false?

    btw -- ASE 12.0 on NT ==> to EMC Symmetrix 8530....


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    After experiencing several SANs in production, including two large EMC, I recommend the following:
    - get as much memory in the SAN as you can
    - use RAID 0/1, do not bother with anything more
    - allocate large blocks with a stripesize of 16
    - treat your SAN as a bunch of [pseudo] spindles (ie. logical units)
    - allocate the fewest, largest Sybase devices (disk init) on them
    - even though the effect is lost a little in a SAN, DO separate INDEX, DATA and LOG

    With a SAN, your access speed will be flat across a variety of access types, but your parallelism will suffer. In general, you will not be able to use many of the performance-enhancing features of Sybase.
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