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    Exclamation Unanswered: PDF Full Text Search

    Hi all,

    I have a table configured to support Full-Text Search and in this tables a column stores documents of three types, Word, Excel and PDF. Everything works fine with Word and Excel documents.

    In order to search PDF documents I've installed "IFilter 5.0", which is published in Acrobat's page, but nothing. What else should I do, is there any other solution?

    I've read that I can create a particular filter, so the question is where can find information about creating customized filters? But first, is it a good business to create a new filter?

    Thanks in advance.

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    my problem

    Dear mvargasp,
    I have a problem about FTS. I think you could help me...
    I wrote to forum but nobody reply to me...

    I need your help,
    Thanks alot
    I've a problem. I'm inexperienced about FTS.
    I have a TEXT datatype field in my table and I store MS Word documents.

    I want to do full text search on this TEXT datatype field.
    So I build catalog and run

    "Select * from table where Contains (textfield,'Yusuf')" sql in analyzer.

    but null value returns. however I know the table has 3 records.

    Anyway, I insert a varchar field in the table and edit my fts catalog.
    and then insert 3 records in the table.than rebuild catalog and I try
    "Select * from table where Contains (varcharfield,'Yusuf')"
    this sql returns true records.

    I know that I can FTS in TEXT datatype field but I can't. I don't know why.
    I need your help.
    thanks alot


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    Populate it

    Hi Yusuf,

    It seems that you have created a catalog and rebuild it then, but you have not populate it. So What you must do after you create or rebuild a catalog is to populate it. I order to do so, you must right click your catalog in the Enterprise Manager and then click Populate.

    After this the FTS must work.

    God Bless.

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