On Friday, we had the following configuration:
Servers WEBSQL and GXSQL1, both running SQL Server 7 SP3.
GXSQL1 replicated to WEBSQL using custom replication SPs.
These servers are linked such that a certain user logging into WEBSQL can
execute remote stored procs against GXSQL1.
On a 3rd machine, WEBSERVER, there is a process running that logs into the
SQL server on WEBSQL and remotely
executes stored procs by executing GXSQL1.<db>..<sp_name>. Everything
worked perfectly.

Over the weekend, we upgraded WEBSQL to SQL Server 2000 SP2.
Now, the process on WEBSERVER attempts to execute a stored proc and receives
the following error:
"Could not set up parameter for remote server GXSQL1".
We tried updating WEBSERVER to MDAC 2.6SP2, but it didn't help.
We desperately need to solve this problem, otherwise we will have to roll
back to SQL 7.0 tonight.
All machines run W2K Server.