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    Unanswered: Mail merge A97 to Word97, double instance of Access?


    I perform a mail merge from within Access 97 using the Word mail merge object through VBA.
    In the database, the user may choose from several prepared Word-letters and labels to merge with.

    Works fine, only the Word mail merge action connects to a second instance of the same database, not to the database that is already open.
    It doesnot matter whether the prepared Word-document to merge with is a mailmerge document itself, or not. The call from Access always opens a second Access-instance, so far.

    So the users sees two Access-databases in the task bar, and the second one disappears after the merge.

    Is there a way to force the Mail merge routine to use the all ready opened database it is called from, and not to start another Access-session?

    thanks in advance

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    Thanks a lot!
    Mail merge now runs fine, with just one Access instance.

    Last thing I'm looking for now is a way to speed up this mail merge process in Word a little.
    The mail merge switches to normal view, with re-pagination on.
    Takes quite a while in case of 1000+ letters or so.

    Any suggestions on this?


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