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    Unanswered: Ugh. I still can't get my head around this.

    Say I've got the following:

    SELECT, forum_threads.title, forum_posts.dateposted as lastPost
    FROM forum_threads INNER JOIN forum_posts ON

    , which is supposed to produce a list of distinct forum thread titles, along with the last date a post was made in that thread. What it actually returns is a list detailing the thread title and post date of EVERY POST in EVERY THREAD in the forum. Bah. I know this is pretty simple database stuff but I've never been good at that particular kind of cross-referenced table visualising thing. Could someone show me where I'm going wrong?


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    Try something like...
    SELECT, forum_threads.title, Max(forum_posts.dateposted) as lastPost
    FROM forum_threads 
    INNER JOIN forum_posts ON =
    GROUP BY, forum_threads.title
    And then get a good book on relational database theory and SQL and learn, young Padawan coder

    edit: stripped out tailing semi-colon

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    Aha I think I'm beginning to understand the Power of the Group By.

    re: books - anything in particular you'd recommend? Wrox? Sams?

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