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    Unanswered: Print results differ from print preview

    Hey All - Got a problem for you. I have a standard form that opens a report when a button is pushed. This report has some fields where the control source is based on a field on the form. These calculated controls appear to work just fine when I do a print preivew - the correct information appears on the report. However, when I print out this report, the fields that appear in the Page Header section have been replaced with #Name? . Anybody have any idea why this only happens on print, but yet the print preview shows everything just fine?


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    At a guess, I think the report has lost access to the field on your form on which the calculated fields are produced.

    You need to store the contents of the field somewhere, the Windows Registry?, when the Print button is selected and then retrieve it using a function in the ControlSource on your report. Use SaveSetting() to store the value and GetSetting() to retrieve in you report.
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    try creating a Global variable in a class module. Then store these values in this global variable. Then pass the values of the Global variable to where you want to show the values in the report. If you need further explanation, just let me know.

    Word to the wise...don't write values to the Registry unless you really know what you are doing. You can really mess things up.

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