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    Unanswered: Sudden problem exporting to Excel


    I have an ASP app that generates several excel spreadsheets from a sql db for users to download. It's been working fine for quite some time, but all of a sudden when I click on any of the links and the dialog box opens asking me whether I want to "Open This File From Its Current Location" or "Save This File To Disk", the Run From Location option is dimmed (unavailable) and when I select the Save option, I get a message saying IE "cannot open the site. It's either unavailable or cannot be found. Please Try again."

    I know this sounds somehwat complicated, but can anyone tell me why (first of all) the "Run From Location" option would be unavailable? That seems like a clue to the problem.

    Secondly, why the error is occuring at all? There are several files that
    are linked this way, they all seem fine, and they've worked fine up until
    a few days ago. Other than this problem the application is functioning normally.

    Thanks in advance to whomever can shed some light....

    -Nat "Scratching My Head In Louisville" Grauman

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    1. Have you upgraded your browser version, patched Internet Exploder or changed the security settings at all? Or have the users? This sounds like a security issue. There were patches for IE a while ago that prevented users from opening documents, Excel sheets and so on as it's a bloody great security risk (macro virus, anyone?).

    2. Hmmmm. Could be anything. I take it the site is running and you can access other files? Try uploading an empty Excel spreadsheet to the site and linking to it in a page, then trying to open the spreadsheet that way. That should indicate whether it's a problem with the server or with your script.

    Let me know how it goes.


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