Hi Mosha,

I have read some of your answers on microsoft.public.sqlserver.olap newsgroup and I hope that you can help me about the following problem.

Our Scenario:

MS Windows 2000 server SP2
IIS 5.0
MS SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition SP2
MS Analysis Server 2000
MS Excel 2000 SR1
IE 5.5 SP2

I need to show some html page containing a pivot table (generated by excel 2000), to users that are not authenticated on a domain. For this reason I use HTTP to connect Analysis Server. Now I would like to define different roles on an OLAP cube so that different users, using the same HTML page (containing a pivot table), are able to view different data depending by own role.

I have defined different cube roles for different NT domain users account, then I have tried disabling (from IIS), anonymous access to the HTML page that contain the pivot table, obligating users to authenticate themselves on domain but nothing happens: pivot table shows the values associate to the role defined for local IIS guest account (IUSR_servername).

Then I have tried disabling anonymous access to msolap.asp file but the result doesn’t change. It looks like that msolap.asp doesn’t communicate to analysis server information about users authentication.

Any ideas? How can I solve this problem?

Actually I have to define a different OLAP cube for each user.

Thank you for your help.