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    Unanswered: Cloning Records in MS Access

    Probably simple:

    We've got a database at work that is undergoing pilot testing, the guys who wrote the database are difficult to get hold of, so I figured I'd try a post here - the problem is that the database is currently not big enough to be tested. What I'd like to do would be to clone all the current records and append them back to the database, but with a different reference number (that's the only thing that *must* be unique to a record).

    Any ideas on how I'd go about acheiving this (am new to Access, so a simple explanation would be great!)

    Thanks in advance,


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    I had to do something similar with a database that I had inherited. What I did was this. Make a copy of the table first. Pressing ctrl C then ctrl V will bring up a dilaog box. You can rename your original to something like tblCopy???? and rename the copy to that of the original table. Open the copy table in design mode and delete the primary key. You can do this by highlighting the primary key field then click on the primary Key icon on the command bar. Once that is done, open the table. Highlight the complete table, click on the leftmost grey box, then just copy and paste into the same table. When you have done this you can then reinstate the primary key. I am assuming that the primary key is an autonumber. If not the just add an additional field as autonumber. Access will give each record a unique number. As it is only for testing purposes it really doesn't matter if the reference number is genuine or not. Hope this helps.


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