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    Unanswered: Migration Of MSSQL instance along with security permissions

    Hi All,

    This is the scenario. Basically i work for a web hosting company now we have taken over control of a competitor and would like to migrate there existing data to our own MSSQL server's in order to integrate them into our automatic system etc etc ....

    The current system is running MSSQL7.

    The system been copied to is MSSQL2K.


    Retain all security accounts listed on the MSSQL7 system and use them on the MSSQL2K system. This includes all the logins that use standard MSSQL login's. (Reason : To ensure that all the customers ASP pages work after the DB's have been copied.)
    Backup all the databases on the MSSQL7 and restore them to the MSSQL2K system. Unfortunately system is running on a different network with firewall's etc in between. What type of maintenance plan and how should i implement the requirement to keep all the login account's?
    Any help greatly appreciated.......

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    one of the option can be like take all backups on either hdd or tape then connect it to ur server copy it from previous one to new one.
    to copy all login info etc u can write a script if u need the script i can send u next time (this will take the info to a cursor and one by one it wil update.)
    as far as sql 7 database schema and 2k schema is concerned i dont think it will be a problem.
    this is an intersting case pl update me

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    Hi ranjan apologies for not replying sooner (did not know if anyone had replied). I agree when u state that u dont think either that the difference between porting to 2000 is going to cause an issue. I have restored all the databases now but am in need of a little help / inspiration on how to port over the login names. Perhaps you can help or have a script that performs this task. Regards the script u have for updating i presume its independent to the current logins that are on the SQL2K system at present. How is this done?

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