Hi all,

We have a client that has a central server running Windows 2000 Server and SQL Server 7. The staff use a central database (on the Windows 2000 server) that they all access from their workstations.

2 of the staff members have machines at home that are syncronized with the central database via merge replication and a modem.

Until recently one of these machines had been running Windows98 while the other had always been running WindowsXP (It came preinstalled). The machine that was preinstalled has worked flawlessly since we first set up the replication job.

The Windows98 machine was recently formatted and now runs WindowsXP & Service Pack 1. It has SQL server 7 on it (as it did when it was running Windows98). The machine was brought into the office and the replication job set up. The snapshot was applied and those days changes were merged. The staff member then took the machine home and later dialed into the server and started the replication. He has a copy of Enterprise Manager on his PC so he just navigates through the server when he has dialed in, goes into the replication monitor, finds the merge agent and right clicks and chooses start. When the machine was running Windows98, the merge agent would merge all the database changes and then finish without any issue.

However, since installing WindowsXP on the machine, it will no longer replicate over the dialup connection. When plugged into the office network the machine replicates without issue but refuses to work over the dial up link.

The machine sees the server and logs onto it fine, the staff member opens enterprise manager and navigates through the server machine (in the tree list) to the replication monitor, in there he navigates through to the merge job and right clicks it. He then clicks start.

The merge agent comes back to the user after a few moments stating 'Cannot connect to subscriber MACHINE' where MACHINE is the name of his home PC. It fails 10 times then stops itself reporting the error. Under Windows98 this functioned fine and this problem has only arrisen since installing WindowsXP. We have checked all aspects of the replication job, we have checked protocols, login names, passwords, everything we can think of but to no avail.

The 2 things that really puzzle us are as follows:
1) The machine replicates perfectly when connected to the office network directly.
2) The other staff members home machine also runs WindowsXP and replicates without issue.

Does anyone have any surgestions as to anything we may have overlooked?
Kindest regards
Simon Davie