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    Unanswered: Can you take 2 querys and create 1 report?

    Hi, my questions is can you take the results of two queries and have them appear on the same report, and sorted correctly providing that there is a common field in both queries.

    Exmple, I have one query employee bound to table employee
    then I have probation query bound to probation table.

    Can I have those employees from the employee query and those from the probation query appear on the same report sorted by employee number which is on both queries..

    Thax so much for the help.. past and present.


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    You can use and UNION statement, but only if you have the SAME number of field for the two query:

    SELECT fld1, fld2 FROM tbl1 UNION SELECT fldOther1, fldOther2 FROM tbl2

    The Synthax may not be 100% accurate, but it is the UNION statement that is important

    JefB - hope it helps

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    Thanx I figured it out

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