Hi All,

As an inexperienced Pervasive user, I have started experiencing an intermitent problem when using ODBC to connect to a Pervasive 7.0 database. The specific problem seems to be related to the way the ODBC driver is interpreting index data. In effect, instead of returning a series of fields per table, the same two field names are being returned for each field in the table.(This then gets rejected by Access or whatever you are connecting to)

It subsequently came to light that the two repeated fields were those used in indices on the tables trying to be accessed. No errors were returned either from Btrieve or through the ODBC driver and we just got junk data when using SQL Server DTS / Crystal Reports. This behaviour lasted for a week and then mysteriously disappeared. I'm very nervous that it may return again.

Has anyone experienced something similar? I am very new to Pervasive so any ideas / advice would be appreciated.

Many Thanks