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    Question Unanswered: 3 ASP to Ms Access Questions....

    1) I have created a drop down menu which saves information into MS Access and the code is listed below. After the form is saved into MS Access the form is reset. How do I keep the drop down menu values from resetting?
    <select name="OrderNo" size="4" multiple>
    <option value="Tools#1">Tools#1</option>
    <option value="Kit#1">Kit#1</option>

    2) I have a field in MS Access called Today's date. How would I have my MS Access auto populate this field with the current day?

    3) My last question is that I have a text box, and I am wondering how would I have the field auto Capitalize all items typed into that field?


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    Talking Capitalize All Letters

    say that your text box is named [Text1]

    Place this code in the After Update Event of the text box

    Dim upper As String
    upper = [Text1]
    upper = UCase(upper)
    [Text1] = upper

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    Todays Date

    Just use the Now() Function

    In the data source of the field type in

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