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    Unanswered: Error - ORA 06553

    Always if I want to change the users permissions on a database I get the message: ORA
    06553: PLS 213 No access on package STANDARD. The tips and hints I found as answer on
    other postings I cant use because there is file catproc.sql/ catalog.sql on my client/ my server!
    How can I solve this problem???
    Please HELP !!!

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    I think you have created database with create database command. However, this is not enough. After database creation you have run at least two scripts (catalog.sql, catproc.sql) on your server for the proper functioning of the database. Catalog.sql creates the dictionary views and catproc.sql creates the standard PL/SQL packages in the database. These two scripts are found in the \orahome\rdbms\admin directory. So connect to your database through sys as sysdba user and then run these two scripts. This should solve your problem.


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