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    Unanswered: MS Access 2000 MSYS... tables

    I am developing an application in MSAccess 2000.

    My basic database (tables, forms, queries, etc) is about 17mg.
    As I work, the DB grows in size... even if I don't add much to the DB.... even though I compact regularly. I have seen that this is because the MSYS.... tables keep growing. I can NOT delete them or delete records in these MSYS.... tables.

    If I start with a NEW BLANK DB, and import everything from my actual DB EXCEPT the MSYS... tables, then the DB goes back to 17mg..... so these (records in the) MSYS.... tables are NOT necessary for the app to run.

    I would guess that these MSYS... tables store queries/data for faster access?? But my 17 mg DB has grown as large as 50mg (even with regular repair/compacts)

    When I do the "Import into Blank DB thing", it goes back to 17 mg.

    what are these MSYS... tabes for?
    is there a way to delete the records in them?
    is there any other work around?

    Again, if I market this app, the the DB (once in a customers hands) keeps growing to an unmanageable size, it is making the app VERY skow and cumbersome.

    ANY help is appreciated!!!

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    1. Split your database into backend database and frontend database.
    2. Compile frontend into MDE file.
    3. Create a procedure to copy frontend database to local PC every time a user wants to start your application. Start your application from user's local drive, not from network.

    It should solve your problem.


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