I got more confused as I read more on Library cache and Sql area. Library cache
contains parsed and execution plans of sql statements, pl/sql,..etc.

Querying v$sgastat (or x$ksmsp) returns "Sql area" 25M, Library cache (49M).

Querying v$db_object_cache (sum sharable_mem) for "Sql area" namespace returns ~= 65M. Other
namespaces make only about 10M. I can't really draw any conclusion here.

Why Sql area from v$sgastat is not matching with v$db_object_cache. From v$sgastat Library cache contents sum to 49 M, excluding Sql area. But Library cache contents sum to only 10 M, excluding Sql area( Cursors), from v$db_object_cache.

Please explain the differences between Sql area and Library cache