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    Question Unanswered: Turnaround time??

    OK my first post here so I hope I get some nice help from ya'll

    I have been making a database (in access) to track emails at work. It basically needs to track when the email was recieved, when it was replied to and the turnaround time.

    I have done the first two bits (Date Recieved and Date Completed) but making it report on turnaround time is doing my nut in !!

    Does anyone know of a way to figure out the turnaround time using two dates and present this in a report. Maybe some sample code to look at or just some suggestions? Ive spent hours trying to solve this (lame I hear you say ) Well I dont claim to be an Access guru, in fact Ive only just started using it really !

    If anyone can give me some pointers or even a hand... please

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    Pardon my ignorance, but is turnaround time the difference between the 2 dates? If yes, look at the function DateDiff, here is a brief example, you can use it with time, date, days, hours and seconds. You can use it in SQL also:

        Dim date1 As Date
        Dim date2 As Date
        date1 = "10:00:00"
        date2 = "12:30:00"
        'return the number of minutes of difference (150)
        'the first parameter is the "interval"
        ' n for hour, m for months, d for days,  h for hours
        MsgBox DateDiff("n", date1, date2)
    JefB - hope it helps

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    there are many ways to do this.

    1 Create a query that calculates the time difference and then run your report off of that query..

    For example say that your 2 fields are DateRecieved and DateSent

    In querydesign create a calculated field by going to an empty cell and typing in the following

    DaysElapsed : DateDiff("d",[DateReceived],[DateSent])
    if you replace "d" with "h" it will be time elapsed in hours

    Another way is to calculate the same in a report..

    Just create a text box and in the text box type in

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    thanks for the replys, It seems to be working now

    Now all thats left is to seperate them into Within target and Outside Target

    Thanks for the help, ill learn this one day

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