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    Unanswered: "library not registered" error in VB application

    we use Visual Basic with SQL server 2000,
    (note that the VB application resides on one server and
    SQL server 2000 on another )

    our application worked without any problem until one day we starts
    to get the error "library not registered" each time we tried a DML operaion from the the VB application on the SQL server.
    note that "select" operation works fine, the only problem we have is with the transcations.

    after talking to one of our developers they told me that they installed drivers (for connectivity) for sysbase.

    the error does not says which library in not registered and I am confused,
    what do you think is the problem ?
    is it because the installtion of the drivers for sysbase?
    how and what to do in order to registered the "lost" library.

    10x in advance

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    I would grab the latest mdac version and see if that fixes your problem. I do not see the relationship between the sybase driver breaking the sql server driver unless something got hosed during the installation - or the developer unregistered the drivers - but you would be having bigger problems than what you have explained. Debug the code to see which connection object it is failing on - this will tell you which driver is problematic.

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