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Thread: Linux -> Unix

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    Linux -> Unix

    howdy campers!
    I work in an insurance brokers and have been employed as the IT fix all problems person.
    we have a unix server which runs this system called policymaster which i have managed to avoid using up to now.
    my question is that i know for some reason have to load linux onto a pc in the office and connect it to unix server so i can read the data there.
    ive used linux before and i understand its based on unix but i was just wondering if it is actually possible to connect the two together?
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    Why do you need to use a linux box to read the data ??
    You could Telnet into the Unix box from your NT client, and read the data.

    Yes you can 'connect' a Linux box to a Unix box. Although it may depend on what sort of connection you want?
    I.E. TCP/IP connection is easy, a 'Policymaster' connection may not be so easy ???

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    Connecting Linux to Unix

    As far as you're concerned, Linux *is* Unix. As to what each of them really is, that debate could go on for ages.

    You might find this helpful:

    It shows how to do various functions on various flavors of Unix. For example, to determine your IP address.

    As far as connecting to Unix boxes together, the simplest manner is NFS, or Network File System. Linux can also use Samba (as can other Unices) to connect to Windows file-sharing or to allow Windows machines to connect to it.

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