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    Unanswered: Format data in a report


    I made a report based on a query. In this report I show two fields (name and phonenumber) in two different columns. Now I want to make a report where I want to show the data in 4 columns on a page:

    Example 1st column: names beginning with A to whenever the end of the page is reached with in the second column their phonenumber, in the third column the list continues beginning with the name following the one at the end of the page with in the fourth column the phonenumbers.
    On the next page the list is continued starting with the name following to the one in the third column.

    Can anyone help me??

    Thanks in advance

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    You need to look at the options under File | Page Setup. This will allow you to specify how many times your pair of columns are repeated and whether you go down or across the page with the second record
    Roger Hampson
    XI - ecs (UK) Ltd

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    Thanks a lot, I was looking to far I guess

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