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    Angry Unanswered: Change Background Color

    I have a continuous form that I would like the row to appear in diffrent colors depending on the conditions.

    I have 12 different conditions and I am using Access 2002, therefore if I use the conditional formatting I am only allowed to have 3 conditions.

    I was able to do this in Access 97 by addding a text box and having in the control source the different conditions...


    =VraiFaux([Priorite]=1 Et [Code1]<>5 Et [HrsDebutCall] Est Null;" лллллллллллллллллллллллллллллллллл";Null)
    =VraiFaux([Priorite]=2 Et [Code1]<>5 Et [HrsDebutCall] Est Null;" лллллллллллллллллллллллллллллллллл";Null)
    =VraiFaux([Priorite]=3 Et [Code1]<>5 Et [HrsDebutCall] Est Null;" лллллллллллллллллллллллллллллллллл";Null)

    But when I converted it into Access Xp well it didn't understand the "л" character on my form, the character covers the entire area where I would like the background to be. but not in Access XP....I can see the color changed but the area is not filled with the color it's filled witht he character U.

    Is there any other way to do this...

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    I know this a very old post but though I would post for anyone searching for similar problem. I was searching the archives and this came up. It was not what I needed by I noticed it had no solutions posted.

    The font for the field with the special characters must be set to the Terminal font.

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