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    Question Unanswered: Lock Type

    Hello there,


    I pass this statement to the database:

    SELECT FunctionName,FunctionDescription FROM Functions WHERE FunctionID = 21

    Nothing special here.

    Now i check in the Enterprise Manager in the Managment->Current Activity->Locks/Process ID Map and see this for my process

    Object: LISPROD
    Lock Type: DB
    Mode: S
    Status: Grant
    Owner Sess

    My question now, is the LockType. Isn't this a bit too much. A full database lock while the query is only on one table.
    All locks in the database seem to have this behaviour.

    Cheers Erik.

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    The lock type u see in
    Enterprise Manager in the
    Managment->Current Activity->Locks/Process ID

    is DB...means database level locking.

    Its not bacause u have fired a query, but Quey analyzer locks it as soon as u select a database form the drop down combo...

    When we generally fire a query DB lavel locking is not used but Table level locking is used.

    u can change it to page lavel or row level locking if required...but that approach has its own implications.

    Naveen Mehta.

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