Why is it that flattended rowset using openquery to run MDX against a linked Olap server allows me to obtain member properties on row axis but it will not allow me to obtain the same on column axis? Openquery always returns the member names on the column and ignores any properties specified in the MDX. I am running the query using a stored procedure. The query is:

'select *
from openquery(olapusmis,' +
'''with set [NewAccounts] as ' +
'''''filter([AccountCustomer].[Customer Name].members, ' +
' [AccountCustomer].CurrentMember.Properties("MonthSetUp") = "' + @Month + '")''''' +
' set [NextPeriods] as ' +
''''' except(descendants([Period].[' + @Month + '].parent, month, self_and_after),' +
' periodstodate([Period].[' + @Month + '].level,[Period].[' + @Month + '].prevmember))''''' +
' select Non Empty {[NextPeriods]} properties MEMBER_CAPTION on columns, ' +
' {[NewAccounts]} properties [Customer Name].[Name], [Customer Name].[Customer address], ' +
' [Customer Name].[Customer Tel], [Customer Name].[Customer Fax] on rows ' +
' from Accountincome where [Measures].[Income] cell properties formatted_value'') as a'

I get the customer address, tel and fax on the row axis but on the column instead of the member caption I get the full member name e.g. [Period].[All Period].[2001].[Quarter 1 2001].[February 2001]

Is it just the way it works? No member properties on column axis in flattened rowset!