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    I installed active perl 5.6 and my objective is to setup a message board on my own server, so far i have setup a windows 2000 server with IIS I installed PHP and Mysql. from my understanding i need to get perl installed too I am having a problem installing perl though how do i cofigure it with iis?

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    Assuming you are running Perl on Windows 2000 (and not XP) then you will find a detailed help file within the Perl website (or the Activeperl website - which tells you how to configure Perl for IIS.

    However, there are simple and much lazier ways to configure Perl, PHP and an Apache server (as opposed to IIS) and if you are a beginner then the simpler method may prove to be less of a headache.

    Consider getting a copy of PHP Triad (search under google for it). This includes a self-installer which configures Perl, PHP and Apache.

    Or try getting a copy of Omnihttpd server (Free from their website at This has got to be the easiest server config ever and it does include details of how to configure Perl.

    I recommend PHP Triad if you insist on using IIS because it has a detailed help section on IIS. You may need to download the older version of PHP triad then get the update depending on your OS.

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