I have a newly installed NT 4 server (w/ latest service pack), with a fresh installation of Sybase 11 on it. The server has three 70 GB hard drives. I've set up stripe set partitions across the three drives and created two 500 MB devices on one of these partitions for a new Sybase 11 database. If you check the file properties for either of these device files, the properties window reports that the files are indeed each 500 MB in size. NT Explorer, however, reports that over 20 GB of space is used--presumably by these devices--there are no other significant files on the server at all. In a prior test (earlier installation on the same server), Explorer reported that the space used was 2x the total file sizes; on this second test, it reports about 20x the space that should be consumed! So it doesn't even seem to be a predictable variation.

I'd be grateful if anyone knows why this enormous discrepancy appears, if it indicates a real problem, and whether and how it can be corrected.