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    Unanswered: VBA (97) and Connect DB2

    I have prepared a VBA(2000) programm with ACCESS(2000) DB linked to some DB2 tables. Now i should change the connection direct to the DB2 without ACCESS DB. I can onlyuse VBA(97)/WIN 98. Could sommeone help me and send me a few lines how can I connect to the DB2 directly?

    Thanks Laszlo
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    Will you be using access but not the db ? Are you using dao or ado ? The conversion should be relatively simple - just use ado. Will access be your front-end ? What are your other options ?

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    I send you theVBA program which makes me the troubles.. I have a
    .../krizsak.mdb. This mdb has linked to DB2 and worked with the DB2 tables.
    I used DAO= 3.6, but i do not have it in 97.
    I have tried to connect the database directly by ODBC, as you can see it in a comment line:
    "ODBC;DATABASE=db2isc01;USRID=db2admin;PWD=db2admi n;......
    But I have had an error message. Im not at the officce no, so I can´t say what was this message. I have only a litle experience with MS
    products. This program, I send you is a batch program which will be started by pressing a button after a CICS transactions has been finished and makes some updates in DB2 directly.
    I hope this information is enough you to help me at<my problem,
    thanks :Laszlo
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