Have read one post here that states that it is possible to store UTF-8 charset in mysql using BLOB field type.

Can I use any other field-types with UTF-8 charset? I was hoping not to have BLOBS because I primarily (not necessarily) want fixed table formats using CHAR fields for text to get fast search on tables/records.

Is there any other field types in mysql that supports UTF-8?

I'm looking for an example on how to implement this using PHP-scripts to update records/retreive records and to display the text properly in the populated HTML pages. Example please.
One thing I wonder about is: Do I retreive the fields from the form in the same manner as before, Do I have to convert the data from the form-fields after the PHP variable has been set before storing in mysql-table....++

Some about the site.
Site is offering people to build their own website by entering text in some online forms. This text will be stored in my mysql database using PHP. And when someone tries to access a members homepage then I use PHP to generate that homepage dynamically, fetching the stored text from different tables/fields related to that member.

Is now working on my developing site using ISO 8859-1 (Latin 1). Not online yet.

The reason for me to use UTF-8 is because I want the site to work for more that Latin 1 languages.