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    Unanswered: Does anyone know why?

    Does anyone know why my Access 2000 database works OK for approximately 1 hour and then becomes corrupt?

    The database is being used across a network of 6 users and works OK until they exit from the database. When they try to get back in Access says that the database needs repairing. Access cannot be repaired while people are using it so everyone has to come out and then the repair can be done.

    Once the repair is done the database seems OK and will let people back in for a short while and then the problem starts all over again.

    The tables and frontend are not split, could this be causing the problem?

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    Re: Does anyone know why?

    Originally posted by Spanner

    The tables and frontend are not split, could this be causing the problem?

    Accross a network, always separate application and datas (table and front-end). I can't say if it is the problem, but better to separate it, even if it is not the problem


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    It sounds as if the database is not being closed down correctly when a User exits. Either they are just 'crashing' it so to speak to exit it or you need to investigate if anything is left open on exit. I know under 97, recordsets left open could cause problems, certainly on an NT setup.
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    We have had the same problem on two different databases and we believe it is caused by someone closing the database while inside a filtered form. It seems that access either looses its bookmark or the primary key's sort caused the database to corrupt.

    On one of our databases we were able to fix the problem by adding a close button to the form and adding a command to showallrecords in the VBA before the close command. However, we had to train everyone to use it and not the [x] in the top right corner of access.

    Our other database is much more complex and we haven't yet determined a better solution.

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