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    SQL-DMO, Visual Basic.NET. SQL Server 2000


    I am trying to create a job using VB.NET on SQL Server 2000. When I execute the particular piece of code - the job is created, its step is added - but I get an error with the schedule creation - which is the most important part of the whole process!!

    This is the exact error message I get when I look at the attributes of the Job Scehdule Object

    Parent <error: an exception of type: {System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException} occurred> SQLDMO._IVSQLDMOStdObject

    I also get this same message for UserData, TypeOf and Properties

    Any suggestions? Has anyone ever had that problem before? Am I overlooking something?

    Thanks for any suggestions that I may receive!!


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    May have solved problem...

    Unfortunately my machine crashed before I could fully solve this problem - so this is an initial response to my own question.

    I believe that I was trying to create the schedule in the wrong order. I finally found documentation on SQL-DMo that is similar to what I have to do. It seems to indicate that I just need to add the job schedule to the job BEFORE I alter its properties. After which then I can BeginAlter on the schedule itself and then DoAlter.

    I hope this can help anyone else who may have experienced this problem!!


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