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    Unanswered: NotInList Problems on Report Page Label Wizard

    Hi , I have used a NotInList function in my database for address diary but when I go into Report Page to generate address labels using the wizard in access 2000, instead of the the name showing up on labels where I have used NotInList function I get ID numbers. Can anyone help please. I am building his site for a Charitable community in UK.

    e.g CityID on label would show a number yet when I look at the form itself I can see the name of the city against CITYID.

    Please Help... Hash

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    I would suggest that the combo box on your form is returning 2 fields, the ID and the City. The ID is the bound field and thus getting stored on your table, but it is not being displayed because the column width is set to 0 for the combo box.

    To display the City on your labels, you will have to use something like the DLookup function to interpret the City given the ID.
    Roger Hampson
    XI - ecs (UK) Ltd

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    Hi Roger,

    Thanks for the reply. Can you please send me an example to use Dlookup so that I can follow similar lead to display Town too.

    Alternatively Roger someone suggested that one can just enter a postcode (UK) and this would bring up Town and City as well as Street. If you can please supply this example It would make life a lot simple for our community.

    Thanks again.


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