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    Question Unanswered: Informix ODBC driver

    I was testing a C++ ODBC library which access Informix database
    via unixODBC open source Driver Manager. Reading from database
    works fine but in inserting the data I got error message:

    "Exception type: DBException
    Method: DBStmt::ParamData()
    Error Message: SQLParamData() call failed in statement "INSERT INTO DB_EXAMPLE (DOUBLE_VALUE, EXAMPLE_DATE, EXAMPLE_LONG, INT_VALUE, STRING_VALUE) VALUES ), (?), (?), (?), (?))"!
    (You may want to double-check that you have numbered your parameters correctly - depending on the SQL error you are getting.)SQL Errors:
    (0) SQL Error! SQLSTATE = 22001 Native err = -1279 msg = [unixODBC][Informix][Informix ODBC Driver][Informix]Value exceeds string column length."

    The author of the library suggested that Informix ODBC driver does not
    handle well SQLPutData() function which library is using to send data
    to driver. He also suggested I get another better driver.

    My question is: what is the latest version of Informix ODBC driver on
    Solaris platforms if anybody knows?
    Is that TypeII or TypeIII ODBC driver?
    Does anybody know of any open source TypeIII Informix ODBC driver?
    Actually, is it possible that Informix ODBC driver does not handle
    correctly SQLPutData() command?
    The driver I am using is from Client SDK - v2.70 on Solaris 8

    Thanks for your answers

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    Latest version of CSDK is 2.80, they are working on 2.81.
    Don't know what type, I think it's a TYPE II.
    I didn't see any problems with the SQLPutData() command.
    Try it with the latest version. If it doesn't work, call support and report a bug...

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