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    Unanswered: web database newbie

    I am very new to to php, perl, oracle, perl dbi, etc. I have been asked to build a small system where about 15 people can go in and enter some information that will be stored in an oracle database. I also have to create about 3 reports on this information.

    This will be a ground up project for me. Will it be quicker better to achieve this using php, or should I go the perl dbd, perl dbi route.

    If my manager likes this project he may ask me to create a small online library of other documents.

    I am pretty decent at SQL but that is about it. Oh, I am running Red Hat 7.2.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

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    in my opionion stick with Php. I'm sure you would expect nothing less from a php board

    sorry for being long winded, if you feel bored, feel from to just move on.

    Perl has a more flexible syntax than Php (making php simpler to use since its less complex). Perl gives you many more ways of physically typing logic than php does (this makes it more difficult to learn them all and choose the best one). Since there are many more ways to write things in perl, you will find many other's examples in perl cryptic at best and simple impossible to understand at worst.

    Parmeter passing in perl can be hard to get your head around for a newbie (using the mysterious @_ variable). Php does all these things relatively easy.

    Php has very good and easily searchable documentation at, a much simpler and more well explained Database API than the perl DBI module (in my opinion).

    Both Perl and PHP are well tested when dealing with oracle and can both achieve the same thing in the long run.

    Php will have a smaller learning curve, you should be able to pick up Php much much much faster than picking up Perl from scratch.

    Perl has been historically used more as a multi purpose language by systems administrators on unix based sytems, and was later given extensions which made it viable as a web language.

    Php on the other had was designed for use almost exlusively on the web, this means that you should find more things you would want to do while making webpages, and these things should be easier to actually code.

    punchline: if you just need webpages, USE PHP

    please feel free to disagree

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