Hi everybody,
I'm not a DBA but a Java programmer. At my current engagement we are looking into using ASE 12.5 File System Access (Proxy Tables) to manipulate but mostly read data from a very large collection of delimited text files sitting on a unix file system on several machines. The gotcha here is that they are using EJBs, Entity Beans in particular (yeah, don't ask!) and I'm looking into how feasible this is. Any Sybase DBA working with Java folks?. Can this even be done?. They are also wanting to use CMPs (Container Manage Persistence) which means that there has to be a straight forward way to look up a record using SQL otherwise they would have to fall back to BMP (Bean Manage Persistence) and do any magic to get to the data at that level. Any thoughts on the subject will be greatly appreciated.


Brian Sam-Bodden