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    Question Unanswered: default username (sa) invalid


    I have just installed Sybase ASE 12.0 locally and cannot seem to get any access. If I try and access the DB server through Sybase Central, I can start the server, but when asked for a login name, password and server name, the default 'sa' combo is not accepted, and furthermore, there is no servername in the dialogue box and I cannot enter one manually.

    If I try and access the DB from a 3rd party client (Ms-ISQL in my case), I get told that the server cannot be found or does not exist.

    Any ideas and/or workarounds?


    Jonathan Daniels

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    Hiya daniel,

    Sybase Central picks the Server name entry from the interfaces(UNIX) or sql.ini(Windows) file. If there ain't any entry for the server that you are trying to connect then it won't show up in the drop down list.

    You can reset the sa password on ASE by using the -p switch. Simply type -p sa in a new line in your RUN SERVER file and start the server using the updated RUN file. You should have a new password for sa login in your errorlog.

    Starting from ASE 11.9.2, you cannot use the Microsoft supplied ISQL to coonect to ASE.


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    Thanks for your reply. What the problem was - embarassingly - that I had put the DB name in the connection string in ISQL, instead of the machine name. Works OK now. Thanks again.

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