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    Unanswered: FoxPro/LAN 2.0 to Visual Fox Pro 6 Conversion Help!

    I am trying to convert an old DOS FoxPro/LAN 2.0 database to Visual FoxPro 6 under Windows 2000.
    I have no experience with FoxPro, and I know the basics for MS Access.

    I was thinking of trying to use Access for the conversion, but I was wondering if there was a better way...

    How hard is it to convert/import a foxpro database into Visual FoxPro?

    Where can I find information on the subject?

    Would it be better to use Access?

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    One of the best places to ask Foxpro question is Universal Thread forum.

    If you question is about tables, then it is not difficult at all to convert FoxPro 2x tables to Visual Foxpro format. The best tool for this conversion is VFP itself.

    Hope that helps.


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