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    Exclamation Unanswered: A97 - Importing "Dynamic" Delimited Text Files

    We have a third party data management system that sends us a number of daily files to import into our payroll system. Due to limitations out of my control, one of these files is broken down into 2 seperate files (let's call them File1A.csv and File1B.csv). The key record in both files is FILE#. I've written an A97 program to import(transfertext method) both files, combine them on the key record and then export the combined data back out to a new .csv file. Everything works great.

    The problem is, the powers that be like to add and delete fields from the csv, seemingly at random. This is a big problem for me because of the import specs I use to import the two different .csv files to make all fields text(to avoid losing data due to data type violation errors). If I change the import spec to include a new field inserted in the middle of a file, then I'm not able to reuse the program on a previous version of the data file. Am I making sense yet?

    What I need is a better way to import these two files and combine them together. I've been trying to read up on processing delimited text files but I'm not having a whole lot of luck since I'm reading from a VB6 book(there are some things that don't jive too well in access).

    Can anyone give me some direction or maybe examples of what I'm trying to do?

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    Read up in the A97 Help text about the Input # statement. That should allow you combine an unknown number of fields in a file with another file and then write out the result to a new file.
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