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    Unanswered: Sending a record number to a form

    I need to find a record in a form(which i have done) then display the selected record in the main data entry window. how do i transfer the record number bewteen two forms?

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    This can be performed many ways.

    You could recode the recordsource including the record number in the where clause and requery the form

    Forms![Employees_f].Recordsource = "Select * from Employee_t where [EmployeeID] = " & Me![SelectItem].Column(0)

    here's another method - this bit of code is from a employee selector form that selects an employee on the Employees_f form.

    Private Sub btnOK_Click()

    Dim criteria As String
    criteria = "[EmployeeID] = " & Me![SelectItem].Column(0)
    Forms![Employees_f].RecordsetClone.FindFirst criteria
    If Forms![Employees_f].RecordsetClone.NoMatch Then
    Forms![Employees_f].Bookmark = Forms![Employees_f].RecordsetClone.Bookmark
    End If
    DoCmd.Close acForm, Me.NAME

    End Sub

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