I have a form with a subform. The subform displays an Oracle record dependent on a period value on the main form (using LinkChildFields and LinkMasterFields). The main form is unbound.

Further, I use DirectData Technology ODBC driver for the linked Oracle table (I use this because of several shortcomings in the Microsoft ODBC driver).

The problem is that I get an error message "ODBC--call failed" 9 out of 10 times I fire off the Main form. I get into the form, but the subform is empty (these 9 out of 10 times). When I get the error, I can switch to design view and then back again to form view, and everything works fine. I have tried to debug both the open and load properties in VB, but the ODBC error message occurs even earlier. When I access the table or subform directly, no error occurs ever.

The irony here is that when using the Microsoft ODBC for linking the Oracle-table, I don't get the error when firing off the main form... But as I said before, the MS ODBC has a lot of other shortcomings I can't live with.

Anyone experienced similar problems and have some helpful advices?