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    Is it possible to make a screensaver in Access. I need it not really for the refresh of my screen but I need it to launch an event after a specific time when the computer is doing nothing. The thing is that the computer needs to save all changed data made by the users of my program, before the computer goes in standby (because then all the information is gone)

    Can somebody help me out with this????



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    You could use a timer on a form and a variable indicating the last "activity" of the users. The Last activity must be refresh with mouse movement and key pressed. Your timer will verify that last activity, and if it is a certaing time, you do whatever you want. If you are using only one form, it is easy, but you want to make sure the change will be saved, if the user have left while adding a record (so with invalid values) or if he have close all the form but not the application.

    To set a timer on a form, simply use the timerInterval value and set it as you want, you are limited to about 1 minutes


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