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    Question Unanswered: Clob Vs. Flat Files.

    Interesting question,

    I'm trying to make a web interface for multiple clients using the same database. Each client will have client specific information to be displayed.

    The developers I am working with are debating between storing the client specific text in either flat files or in a clob.

    How big would the file have to be before I would see a performance hit vs. the clob?


    Thanks for the time.
    -Will Thompson

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    I pick using Objects!!

    It might seem to make sense to create an client object type, a nested table of client, a client_services object with an attribute of client nested table and then a table of client_services types.

    The Object perfect for that application is a "client" object identified by client_name or account number.
    That Client object has all of the attributes of one of your clients, a company name, an address, a list of accounts with all of the account attributes, a list of client_services, and so on.

    Does that help?


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    The main debate...

    The main debate seems to be in the smaller bits of information to be displayed.

    While the developers and I agree that the larger items need to be objects, They are wondering if the smaller items (100 charachters or so) shouldn't be varchar. These smaller items will be hit far more often, which leads to the question, When exactly do you see the performance hit?
    Would using the varchar on the smaller items give us any perfomance benefit at all? If so, would it be enough to justify using it over the clob?


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