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Thread: table design

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    Unanswered: table design

    How I calculate Initial, Next, PCTUSED, PCTFREE,.. and other storage parameters in the creation of a table.

    db_block_size= 8k
    row_average_size = 2400
    number of rows = 90000
    only 1 index (PK with 2 columns).
    it has 2 columns quite big (varchar2(2500), varchar2(800))

    At first, the 2 big columns will with no value.
    After a process, all rows will have these fields completed.

    Thanks in advance

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    Cool I think this might help!

    avg_row_size = 2400
    num_rows = 90000

    I've added :

    header space = (1+0.1/100)
    just_in_case_space = 1.15

    calculate :

    (avg_row_size*num_rows*header_space*just_in_case_s pace)/1048 for kb


    (avg_row_size*num_rows*header_space*just_in_case_s pace)/1048576 for mg

    Keep the initial and next the same -- easier on space management. Remember -- extents are NOT a bad thing!!

    Hope this helps!!

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