I am recieving the following error message:

Error Type:
Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (0x80040E10)
[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Too few parameters. Expected 2.
/im250/addCart.asp, line 76

Now this is line 76:

SET RS = Con.Execute( sqlString )

With lines 68-75 as follows:

' Get the shopping cart
sqlString = "SELECT cart_id, product_name, " &_
"product_price, cart_quantity " &_
"FROM cart, products " &_
"WHERE cart_userID=" & userID & " " &_
"AND cart_productID = product_id " &_
"ORDER BY cart_id DESC"

I am new to ASP and have been stuck on this error for quite awhile now. It is using a MSAccess database also. Do I have to change the code or is it something to do with my connection? I would be very grateful for any help or ideas!

Thank You.