I am using sql7. I have a stored procedure that contains a nested transactions for deleting a persons detail (table1) and the individual person (table2). Unfortunately the person record maybe related to many other tables (20 plus) in the db via foreign keys.

The nesting in the stored procedure works fine in that if you attempt to delete a person that is referenced by a foreign key the transaction rollbacks the first delete transaction (ie from table1 as it can't delete table2). BUT the problem is when attempting to delete the record in Table2 i get the following (normal) output .....
Server: Msg 547, Level 16, State 1, Line 0
DELETE statement conflicted with TABLE REFERENCE constraint 'FK_IDM_IR_PERSON_ELS_ALIAS'. The conflict occurred in database 'IDM', table 'IDM_IR_PERSON'.
The statement has been terminated.

Is there a SET command or the like anyone knows that will turnoff this message??? - because the error message is also passed to my ASP application.

ps....i don't want to run a heap of "if exists" selects to see if related records exist as there are just too many tables to check