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    Question Unanswered: DB works on 1 computer, not the other. HELP!

    Ok, I developed the database on my Win2k/Access2k environment and everything is working great. I then sent the access DB that I was developing via email to my client who is working in the same environment (Win2k/Access2k). Whenever he tries to run the add/delete/edit functions of the form he gets a compile error and it dumps to the code. Is there any way I can package this up and send it so when the client opens the DB it is set up exactly as it is on my PC?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Do you have the 'standard' references set or are you using any other dlls/ocx files that may not be on his machine?

    Does it produce an error #?

    Have you tried this on any other machines - either at your location or his?

    As far as packaging this up - yes:
    Developers Edition/Installshield/etc... will allow you to include/register the necessary files (if there are any).

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