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    Angry Unanswered: SQL server DTS to Informix Unidata RDMS - I am a NOOB ;)

    Hello all..

    I am having some problems when trying to use DTS to import tables from a Unidata env. Since I am relatively unfamiliar with SQL connex, etc. it is proving to be quite challenging. I have both oledb and odbc drivers set up properly, the connex tests successfully, but when I go to import an actual table, I receive the following error message...
    "Driver's SQL Alloc Handle on SQL_Handle_ENV failed." I have searched google/microsoft for info on this error message, but they all articles point to different causes. Has anyone attempted this type of connex before? specifically Unidata-SQL server? Please help...I am getting quite frustrated!

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    Please be more specific as to what you are trying to accomplish - include the databases names /version - whether you are using odbc or oledb ...

    How did you test the connections ? How are you importing the table ? What is the exact error message ?

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